~ making a measurable difference through technology, teams, and communities ~

    Monica S. Flores (@monicasflores) facilitates the development of digital products as a technical project manager, currently on staff at Lullabot, a digital agency focused on Drupal.


    Since 2004 she has supported US & global organizations on how to best reach their online communities, make sales, and share information.


    Clients and employers include Green America, the GIST Network for the U.S. Department of State, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, the Global Entrepreneurship Network, and Princeton University.


    As a full-stack developer, using Drupal since 2008 and working with agile methods since 2014 to build 200+ websites, she is a proponent of using technology to solve problems, connect communities, and build more effective change-making teams.

    She believes each of us has an ability and obligation to use our unique knowledge, ideas, and talents to make a measurable difference.


    Flores builds and leads teams, explains business processes, prioritizes functional specifications to budget, creates database architecture, & implements systems.


    She is passionate about leadership, sustainability, entrepreneurship, education, and technology and science and she speaks, writes, and presents on these topics.


    Flores is the recipient of the 2018 NTENny award, given to those "who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to our sector, driving our community forward and tirelessly working for excellence."

    Flores is an elected board member at Green America and chairs the board committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


    She is also on the NTEN faculty teaching data management classes for the Non-profit Technology Professional Certificate.


    She believes in communication, honesty, and integrity.


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    • A "Year of Gratitude": bit.ly/gratitudeyear

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    • VALUES

      ~ connecting as humans in the new millennium ~


      It's important to make space for a diversity of opinions, freely expressed and carefully considered, by a cross-section of individuals.


      This creates a better end outcome.


      Communication means brainstorming, sharing, and evaluating all options to find the best solution.


      There are no stupid questions.


      We each face challenges and obstacles.


      Honesty means we evaluate, accept where we currently stand, make a plan, and move forward, together.


      One day at a time...

      One moment at a time.


      The truth always sets us free.



      Identify your unique gift and align with others to solve the world's pressing needs.


      Be as clear as possible about

      • what you need
      • what you offer
      • how best to collaborate

      "Don't compromise yourself. You're all you've got." - Janis Joplin


    • Articles

      Blogging since 2007.

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      Cornell University

      B.S. in Environmental Systems Technology,
      Division of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
      Cornell University

      Team win for contest in student engineering: "A Learning Car for Kids" - technology for children with developmental disabilities

      Activities: Work Study
      Entrepot Deli, Risley Dining, Blauvelt Lab, PEWS ILR
      Pianist at Catholic Mass
      Praxis Literary Journal

      Institute for Shipboard Education

      Spring Semester at Sea, University of Pittsburgh

      Travelled to 10 port cities in 100 days on the SS Universe


      Nassau, Bahamas
      La Guaira, Venezuela
      Salvador, Brazil

      Cape Town, South Africa

      Mombasa, Kenya

      Madras, India

      Penang, Malaysia

      Hong Kong

      Keelung, Taiwan

      Kobe, Japan

      Seattle, Washington, USA

      Activities: Yearbook, Shipboard Auction

    • Mission

      Make a positive difference through utilizing all of my knowledge, ideas, and talents to advance fairness, justice, safety, health, sustainability, and wellbeing.


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      Past Talks:

      • Five Tips to Increase our Leadership Capacity
        As women leaders, we continue to learn and grow - here are five ways to increase your overall capacity as a woman in a leadership position in your organization.
      • Six Ways to Fail Forward on our Our Journey to Success
        Learning how to fail is essential to success. Find six ways to increase your probability of reaching your goals, and gracefully learning from failures.
      • Developing Good Data Practice
        Think through your data structures, understand how content types relate to one another, and make a plan for collecting and utilizing data at your organization. link
      • Building an Action Plan for Diversity and Inclusion at your Organization Slides and presentation for discussion of how to integrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into an organization.
      • 10 Tips Learned from Backpacking the World
        In my 20s I travelled to 35 countries in 18 months, creating content for one of the first online educational curriculums. Ten tips learned from the road. 


      Case Study: Converting to the Drupal Content Management System

      Breaking down the architecture, timeline, and requirements to move a website onto Drupal 8 to increase capacity, allow for more integrated content, and better deploy meaningful information to clients, customers, and the community. link

    • Public Engagement


      • Raleigh Women in Tech Summit, Speaker 2019
      • Host, GIST Tech-I Global Pitch Competition '19
      • Green America Board Chair, Subcommittee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion '18
      • Green America Board Member, '18, '19, '20
      • DC Startup Week, Advisor '17
      • Princeton Social Impact Judge '18, '17, '16
      • Startup Weekend DC '16 Speaker and Judge (Social Good)
      • STEEAMnista NYC Speaker Panel '16
      • Net2DC Speaker '16
      • DC Web Women '15 Entrepreneurship Series
      • Working Mother Video Series '15 (#WorkMom)
      • Philly Women Tech Summit: Women Helping Women, Panelist '15
      • NASA Goddard '15 social media coverage
      • DrupalCamp Hawaii Organizer, Speaker '11
      • WordCamp Hawaii Speaker '08

      Since 2004, Monica S. Flores (@monicasflores) has built websites and led teams for large-scale digital projects, supporting U.S. and global clients such as Green America, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, Changemakers.com, the U.S. Department of State, Global Entrepreneurship Network, the GIST Network, and 240+ websites for government, public agencies, trade associations, non-profits, e-commerce, and startups.


      Because of her interest in online communities, she frequently advises those building new products, and she consults with leadership teams on building and leading effective teams, understanding business processes, prioritizing functional specifications to budget, creating database architecture, & implementing systems.


      Her current focus is on managing large-scale web development projects, including redesign, refactoring, and digital platform buildout, as well as building and supporting teams of designers, developers, and coders.


      She is passionate about leadership, sustainability, entrepreneurship, education, and technology and science as tools for positive social change. She speaks and writes about web development, diversity/equity/inclusion, entrepreneurship, and women in business.


      She is a board member at Green America (2017-) and chair of the board Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion subcommittee. She is a course instructor for the Nonprofit Technology Network's Professional Certification (2017-) on "Developing Good Data Practices." She started the Female Founders Network (https://femalefounders.network) which offers a LinkedIn group for women entrepreneurs (http://bit.ly/femalefoundersLinkedIn)


      She co-founded 10K Group web consulting (2004-), founded and sold A Successful Woman (2006-2012), co-founded Gramercy & Co. (2010-2017), sits on the board of a family real estate corporation (2015- ) and was an advisor to MAAN Softwares Inc. (2016). She is the recipient of the NTENny award (2018) for "going above and beyond in their commitment to our sector, driving our community forward and tirelessly working for excellence."


      She is interested building community, fostering connectedness, and advancing technology to create a better world. She received a B.S. from Cornell University's Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering.


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      Photo credit: A Beyard
      Speaking credit: G Bell

      Flickr photostream: monicadear